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The company CARBONITALIA, branch of the group U. Del Corona & Scardigli of Livorno, manufactures activated carbons for the protection and purification of the environment and the purification of foods, chemicals and pharmaceuticals and markets them in the entire European Union and Mediterranean area. It also markets bleaching earths, produced specifically for the decolourization and the purification of food and mineral oils.

Carbonitalia supplies activated carbons and bleaching earths in various forms of packaging (small or large bags, in bulk) for water purification (drinking water, wastewater, industrial, etc.) gas purification (flue gas, solvent removal, hydrocarbon removal) and purification of foodstuffs (oil, glucose, wine, fruit juices, etc.).

In April 2007, Carbonitalia opened a new operating plant at La Spezia, where a new facility was conceived based on innovative technology for the mixing, packaging, and loading in silos of filtering materials. This has allowed customer service to be optimized in regards to both the quality and the safety of the product.

Carbonitalia is the proud and unique partner of Fujian Yuanli Activate Carbon Co., Ltd for the next generation of activated carbons for the European and Mediterranean area Market. Thanks to this cooperation it can offer innovative, sustainable and environmental-friendly activated carbons for the purification of foods & beverages, pharmaceuticals & chemicals.

Mercati Carbonitalia

certificazione 9001:2015 certificazione 14001:2015 certificazione 22000:2005

  • Registered Office: Scali D'Azeglio 32 - 57123 Livorno (LI) - Tel: +39 0586 27333 Fax: +39 0586 273370
  • Plant and Warehouse: Via Giuseppe Bertarelli 1 - 19020 Vezzano Ligure (SP) - Tel: +39 0187 991007 Fax: +39 0187 991203