Formulations on the basis of particular technical specifications

Carbonitalia can produce activated carbons and bleaching earths or mixes thereof, in conformity with those chemical-physical specifications particular to a customer's needs directly at its operating plant of La Spezia. Thanks to an innovative system of production in addition to the certification UNI EN ISO 9001, we can produce and supply products of a controlled quality.

Formulations made to order

Carbonitalia and its research staff can elaborate new products capable of resolving processing or environmental problems particular to a customer. During our many years of operation, we have established excellent collaborations with various labs of analysis, certified and specialized in the sectors of water, oil, gas, and flue gas treatment, etc. Today, we are able to study a customer's specific problems, testing new, tailor-made products prior to marketing them.


Carbonitalia and its logistics staff, along with the logistics staff of the group leader "U. Del Corona & Scardigli" can organize transport by either land or sea, whichever is more suitable to a customer's needs, and offer a wide range of packaging possibilities. Our products can be packaged in small bags that are 20-25 kg and stacked onto pallets, or they can be put into large bags ranging from 400-1000 kg, also stacked on pallets. For those that prefer bulk, the products can be shipped in bulk by tanker. The product can be transported via land by freight car or tanker, or via sea by container or tank container.

Substituting filters

Carbonitalia, thanks to a close collaboration with service companies, specialized and equipped as per enforced regulations, can substitute the exhausted (spent) activated carbon in filters.

Regeneration of activated carbon

Carbonitalia, thanks to its collaboration with companies of the region that regenerate activated carbon, is able to provide a regeneration service of activated carbon (granular or extruded) to its customers. We are able to analyze the exhausted (spent) carbon (granular or extruded) and evaluate the costs for its substitution, regeneration and transport in order to furnish the most economically viable solution to our customers.

Disposal of exhausted activated carbon

Carbonitalia, thanks to a close collaboration with companies that have many years of experience in the disposal of exhausted (spent) activated carbon, is able to provide a disposal service to our customers at a competitive cost.

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